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Raw Sate Sauce Recipe

Ok, I honestly didn’t know what to call this recipe but a friend referred to it as sate sauce so I’ll roll with that for now! Also, as with most of my recipes, I don’t exactly measure. I just compile a bunch of ingredients that I think would go well together and then release my inner Alchemist. …

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Nutrition 101: Durian, King of Fruit (+ 4 recipes!)

Aloha people, meet my newest, latest addiction obsession; Durian! Durian is known as the ‘King of Fruits‘ and is native to South East Asia. The Durian is infamous for its strong and unique smell, which penetrates even its thick, thorny husk. Interestingly enough everyone would describe the smell of the Durian slightly different, ranging from …

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Healthy Homemade Coffee!

I’ve nixed the Java addiction long long ago, but for this badboy I’ll gladly make an exception. Tastes remarkably like a cup of Joe but is completely healthy and herbal, and with very minimal caffeine. Though a word of warning; still very potent! I absolutely love how anything in this world can be given a health make-over, …

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Salad Porn

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